I am a researcher and lecturer, passioned (obsessed) by causality. This passion drives me to:

  1. do research on current challenges we face (natural gas pipeline and international sanctions, covid)

  2. spread knowledge in statistics to empower people (seminars/classes, TEDx, YouTube channel, Instagram/TikTok page (@stats_with_quentin), Medium (Towards Data Science) publications, etc.) ​

More precisely, I am a Post-Doc researcher in Empirical Microeconomics at Enterprise 4 Society (University of Lausanne/EPFL/IMD). My research agenda spans a large spectrum from environmental to development economics. ​

As Kareem Carr (statistician at Harvard University) said: “We live a pandemic of bad numbers". To address this issue, I’ve made it my duty to spread knowledge in statistics. I taught to more than 10,000 students. First, I gave a TED talk with the following title: “How to question numbers and prevent manipulation" (link). Second, I’ve launched my YouTube channel UNBIASED: Making numbers speak (link). Third, I give talks, seminar and classes on causality (First Aid Statistics) to anyone interested in educating themselves on this topic. Finally, I teach bio-statistics (without math) to in-vivo researchers in Switzerland.